Our Bread

Amy’s Bread has been baking some of New York City’s finest bread since 1992.  The bakery is nationally known, and Amy has been recognized numerous times over the last 24 years, most recently as one of the 10 Best Bread Bakers in America by Dessert Professional Magazine. Amy’s Bread proudly uses the best ingredients we can buy like organic whole grains and seeds, imported Greek and French olives, premium California walnuts and Texas pecans, fresh local herbs, and always unbleached and unbromated flours. We’ve started using local flour in some of our breads, with delicious and nutritious results! Our breads contain no additives or preservatives, and many contain no fat. When oil or butter is added to our bread dough, it is all-natural, and used sparingly.  Our hearth-baked breads are made using traditional European methods. We use small batch sizes, sourdough and sponge starters with a minimal amount of yeast, slow fermentation, and hand shaping to achieve flavorful, crusty breads with a moist and chewy crumb.

Every day we make over 20 different doughs, then form each into a variety of shapes and sizes. Our signature bread, Semolina with Golden Raisins and Fennel, is an excellent example of our uniquely flavored and textured breads.  It is sweet from raisins, aromatic with fennel seeds, and has a satisfying crunch from an exterior coating of cornmeal.  Other customer favorites are Black Olive Twists, French Baguettes, and Organic Miche. The Bread “Doughs” and “Use and Shape” menus can help you sort through all of the options.  We hope you try all our breads and find your favorite!

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For best results eat immediately! We like serving our bread warm for the fullest flavor.

Storage - On the day you purchase your fresh bread, leave it at room temperature in a paper bag, or if cut, leave the cut side down on a board or shelf. The crust will stay firm and the inside soft. Whatever you don't use that day, wrap it in plastic to maintain its freshness.

Refresh -  To refresh the loaf, sprinkle or mist the portion you want to serve lightly with water and place it in a preheated 400°F oven for 6-8 minutes, or until crusty. You may also slice and toast the bread for delicious results.

Freezing - Our bread also freezes well wrapped in plastic, then in foil. Defrost it at room temperature inside the plastic, then refresh it as described above before eating.

Refrigerating and microwaving bread are not recommended.