Our Story

Our Story

Our philosophy of work life is to enjoy the way we spend our days.  Many of us have changed professions because we love baking, and have made our passion our career. We also value a respectful work environment.  It is important to us that we treat our customers, our business associates, and our employees in a professional manner, with kindness and caring. 

Our Mission Statement is:

To create a bakery and café that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of the communities we serve- our neighborhood, our retail and wholesale customers, and our employees by:

Making carefully handcrafted foods that taste as good as they look. We are proud of what we do, and our pride shows in the beautiful bread and sweets we make each day.  We source our quality ingredients the same way we buy groceries for our families – using only natural ingredients, with no artificial additives.  Our goal is to delight our customers with a wide range of products – some are healthful and some are indulgent.  All of them are treats!

Respecting the craft of traditional baking.  We are proud to have been part of a movement away from American packaged breads to “real” hand-crafted breads made with slow fermentation and traditional methods.  We’ve always been actively involved in the Bread Bakers Guild of America, an organization that raises the knowledge and skill level of American craft bakers.  There is a distinct difference between the real thing, and baked goods that are “artisan style,” but not really made by hand.  At Amy’s Bread, we are committed to baking wholesome, hand-crafted bread.

Being a good neighbor.  As good citizens of our community, we feel a responsibility to contribute to its health!  Every day we donate our extra bread to Fountain House and City Harvest (8000 lbs per month gathered from our 3 stores!).   We’ve participated in countless local school fund-raisers, hunger-related charities, and community events.  

Staying local.  Supporting local products has recently become a popular topic.  We have always been local and remain that way.  We serve the New York City area, and make all of our freshly baked products every day.  We don’t parbake and freeze, and we don’t pre-package our items.  We believe that the best bread and pastries are made in the Old World way - by hand and enjoyed within hours of being freshly baked!

Providing service that makes you smile.  We want our customers to have a great experience when calling or visiting Amy’s Bread--an experience that is pleasurable, and leaves them looking forward to doing business with us again. 

Maintaining a professional and congenial workplace that encourages stability and growth for our employees. Here at Amy’s Bread, we have always strived to build work relationships that are based on trust and respect.  We have watched many of our employees develop personally and professionally over the last 24 years, becoming skilled members of our “bakery family”.  Our loyal employees have made our success possible.

Using ingredients and procedures that sustain the health of the planet. We use only “green” cleaning products, and we buy local and organic ingredients, when possible.  We always use local dairy products and eggs, and local seasonal fruit.  Natural kraft paper is used for our packaging, and our salad containers are made from corn and are compost-able.  We offer Amy’s Bread re-useable totes to minimize use of disposable shopping bags.  The bakery recycles all paper, metal and plastic --and we compost all of our food waste and coffee grounds. 

We hope this gives you a sense of Amy’s Bread- what we value and what we strive for.  We truly enjoy baking our homemade treats for you, and thank you for supporting us for more than 26 years!