Purchasing online is coming soon. For now,
please call 212.462.2038 between 9am and
4pm EST.

Join our BREAD CLUB and get bread and additional treats delivered each month!

Bread Club
$45, $130, $240, $450 (includes shipping up to 800 miles from NYC)

Call 800-532-9455
(Mon-Fri, 9AM to 5PM),
or email us at

  • Prices include UPS shipping up to 800 miles from NYC:

     1 Month - $45
     3 Months - $130
     6 Months - $240
     12 Months - $450

  • We also deliver anywhere in the U.S. - call us for additional shipping charges at 800-532-9455 (Mon-Fri, 9:00AM to 5:00PM).
  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express
  • We do not deliver to P.O. boxes. Orders will ship the 2nd Monday of each month. We will notify recipients 2 weeks prior to delivery, to ensure someone is home to sign for the delivery.  If the person you are shipping to has a "signature waiver" on file with UPS, we cannot be responsible if that package is lost, stolen or damaged by lengthy exposure to the elements.
  • Download and print this card for the lucky recipient!
January      Three Cheese Bread ~ Semolina Raisin Fennel Crisps
                    ~Peppernut Biscotti
February    Chocolate Cherry Bread ~  Chocoholic Twists
                    ~Walnut Raisin Crisps
March         Irish Soda Bread ~ Pumpernickel Crisps ~ Amy’s Bread Tote Bag
April            Walnut Scallion Bread ~  Black Olive Twists ~ Anise Biscotti
May             Spelt Bread ~ Semolina Raisin Fennel Crisps
                     ~Amy’s Bread Granola
June            Semolina Raisin Fennel Loaf  ~ Pumpernickel Crisps
                     ~ Chocolate Biscotti
July              Olive Rosemary Loaf ~ Walnut Raisin Crisps
                      ~Chocolate Chip Cookies
August        Potato Onion Dill Rolls & Walnut Raisin  Rolls
                     ~Semolina Raisin Fennel Crisps ~ Anise Biscotti
September  NY State Wheat Fig & Hazelnut Bread ~Chocoholic Twists
                      ~Peppernut Biscotti
October     Oktoberfest Beer Bread ~ Walnut Raisin Crisps
                      ~ Brownie & Cashew Bars
November  Pumpkin Pecan Knot ~ Amy’s Bread Stuffing Mix
                      ~Amy’s Bread Tote Bag
December  Holiday Fruit, Nut & Spice Bread ~Chocolate  Holiday Brittle
                      ~Chocolate Biscotti