Amy’s Bread and David Bouley Team Up to Support TriBeCa Native
The Daily Meal
May 19, 2016

This month, Amy’s Bread and chef David Bouley are uniting to support local NYC charity TriBeCa Native through Amy Scherber’s project.

“Amy's Bread works with more than 200 restaurants in NYC as part of our wholesale business. My husband and partner, Troy Rohne, knows and works with many of these chefs, and came up with the concept as a way to highlight their talents and connect them to our retail community, while also benefiting a charity that is important to each chef,” says Scherber about her project Chef Sandwiches for Good.
Since Amy’s Bread opened nearly 25 years ago, Scherber and Rohne have been strong supporters of the New York City community, in particular the neighborhoods around each of their retail locations, which is why it is no surprise that Amy’s Bread is uniting some of the city’s best chefs with worthy causes each month utilizing her business’ reputation to spread awareness about different charities doing good throughout the city.

Amy began her career more than 25 years ago in Bouley’s then newly opened Bouley Restaurant. “It's great to reconnect with David after all these years, because we don't often get to collaborate with each other. I've always admired his food pairings and love this new sandwich,” says Scherber.

Bouley’s TriBeCa Roast Chicken With Veggies sandwich featuring Amy’s Bread ciabatta will be available for purchase at all Amy’s Bread locations. The proceeds from each sandwich purchased will go to the TriBeCa Native non-profit, which funds organizations working to cure societal and environmental issues in New York City.

As for the sandwich, it features all-natural roasted chicken breast piled onto a fresh ciabatta roll before being topped with red pepper, fresh spinach, roasted red onion, Catskill Provisions’ fig balsamic, and Empire rosemary mayo.

“I emphasize freshness so as to capture the highest level of flavor — a passion I share with Amy! For this reason, Amy’s Bread is the perfect partner,” says Bouley.

Look out for new chef collaborations with Amy’s Bread each month benefitting the chef’s charity of choice from names like Alex Guarnaschelli, Lynn Bound, Anita Lo, Missy Robbins, Bill Telepan, and more.

Angela Carlos is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Find her on Twitter and tweet @angelaccarlos.