8 Chocolate Chip Cookies Worth Blowing Your Diet For
February 26, 2013

By Erin Bellsey, Photos by Ric Camacho
It's Coffee Week, and we thought you'd like a little something sweet to go with that cup of joe. The world is a wonderful melting pot of an insane variety of personalities, but when it comes down to the basics, there are really only two breeds of humans: chocolate chip cookie people and oatmeal raisin cookie people. And regardless of how much oatmeal raisin loyalists swear by their mascot, and no matter how chewy those comforting pucks of sweet oats may be, we’re convinced that nothing can realistically compete with the pure genius of the combination of chocolate chips and golden dough.

Despite the sheer simplicity of its butter-sugar-flour-egg base, the remarkable thing about the chocolate chip cookie is the infinite variety made possible by slight alterations to a recipe that’s been around for almost a century. Even more mind-blowing? The cookie tastes just as decadent raw as it does baked (if not more). So if you’re like us and classify yourself as chocolate chip cookie people, check out our favorites below to get your fix in NYC.

Levain Bakery

A serious New York institution, Levain serves the absolute god of a chocolate chip cookie for die-hard “chewy”-lovers. Lusciously golden on the outside and warm, doughy and chock-full of chips and whole walnuts on the inside, it’s the epitome of gooey, mesmerizing goodness. At $4 and almost a quarter of a pound, these bricks of love are definitely meant for sharing - but if you take one down solo, that makes two of us.

City Bakery

If Levain is a mecca for chewy mounds, City Bakery is a paradise for a crisper, uniform disk that’s slow to break, with chocolate spanning throughout. And while they taste utterly traditional, there’s nothing “chip” about this cookie - instead, the chef mixes in large chocolate chunks that penetrate every layer of dough, like a frosting does a cake. Dip the cookie in their hot chocolate, and you’ll black out from pleasure.


A firm cookie that requires a few more teeth than usual to bite into, it’s perfect for latte dipping and for those who like a little crumbly crunch to their sweet treats. This dark-brown cookie has a unique, nutty flavor that stands out among the rest. Another bonus? You’re guaranteed a chocolate chip in every bite.

Jacques Torres

When the king of chocolate makes a chocolate chip cookie, you better be prepared for one that’s made solely to honor the quality of its key ingredient. Thick, dense stripes of pure dark chocolate permeate every inch of this cookie, which is in essence a fragmented chocolate bar wrapped in sweet, buttery dough. For those not in close proximity to a shop, buy the mix that chef Torres is nice enough to sell to the masses - it tastes identical to the real thing.


This one wins the award for most remarkable - not only does it contain peanuts, potato chips and pretzels, but it’s also completely animal-product-free. The lack of butter is wonderfully masked by the delight of the sweet and salty ingredients dispersed throughout the soft, pliable dough. And because it’s vegan, we (ignorantly) feel absolutely guilt-free when eating it.


While an oversized cookie is something we’d never turn down, sometimes you just want a little nugget to tide you over until the next meal of the day. That’s where Kava’s chocolate chip cookie, delivered straight from Downtown Cookie Company, comes into play. The light-golden-brown dough is on the more flexible side, with a texture similar to a moist and buttery peanut butter cookie. Take it down with a rich Kava’s coffee, and you’ve got yourself the perfect midday pick-me-up.

Amy’s Bread

You can only love a cookie that’s got as beautiful grooves and crevices as this one. Amy’s Bread is a winner on all fronts, but especially on texture - the perimeter of this cookie is a gorgeous dark golden brown, and sinking your teeth through the crunchy surface leads you to a moist and buttery center. Flat, relatively thick and round, these cookies piled high behind the counter look almost like a stack of pancakes...only better tasting.

Hampton Chutney Company

We’re not the only ones who love the simplicity of this Indian cafe’s chocolate chunk cookie - this is the dark horse of the group that has earned quite a lot of local buzz. It’s perfectly portioned, slightly salty, consistently crunchy and filled with little squares of dense dark chocolate, making it one well-rounded post-dosa treat. And at only $0.95, its return on investment is through the roof.