Sugar Rush: Lime Cornmeal and Orange Butter Cookies at Amy's Bread
Serious Eats / New York
July 19, 2010

The cookies at Amy's Bread are stacked tall next to the register, $2.50 apiece, on the large side. They are awfully tempting and I give in every time, adding on one or two to my order at the last minute. There are chocolate cookies, peanut butter numbers, and the lovable kitchen sink cookies. My current favorites from their selection of eight are the two citrus-y numbers. At top, the Lime Cornmeal. Finished in a sharp lime-kissed sugar icing, there is a mouthful of cornmeal in each bite, offering that extra crunch, crunch. Beneath is the Orange Butter, a shortbread-sugar cookie creation. Orange plays a lighter role in this cookie than the lime does in the former, allowing the butter to take front row seat. A crumbly cookie, on the sweet side, I get this one for dunking in my morning coffee.

By Kathy YL Chan