The Baker Finds Her Green Thumb
The New York Times
June 13, 2010


Amy Scherber, the owner of Amy's Bread, opened her first shop in Hell's Kitchen in 1992, after training in France. (There are three locations now.) Last year, Ms. Scherber, 49, who lives on the West Side of Manhattan, and her husband, Troy Rohne, 37, a sales manager at Amy's Bread, bought a house in central Connecticut, dating to the 1760s. They spend weekends there with their son, Harry, 5.

Muffin Time
Usually, I get up by about 8:30. I'm woken up by my 5-year-old, and he comes over and says, "It's time for chocolate muffins." We make them the day before and we save them for that morning. Then we go to the kitchen. He cuts the chocolate muffin in half so he can share it with my husband.

City Loop or Country Trail
I go for a run. When I'm in New York, I do a loop in Central Park. If I'm in the house in the country, I run along a beautiful trail next to a river. I just go, like, four miles. It's a good amount.

Breakfast, Part Two
When I get back home, it's time to get everybody's regular breakfast made. Sometimes we will make waffles in the waffle maker, or eggs. Usually I will toast whole wheat Irish soda bread and have some kind of a muffin and put just a little butter or jam or honey, some good honey. We have a ,great espresso machine and we make these great espresso drinks. It's part of the ritual we share. 

Mowing the Grass
Then we do yard work. My son has a plastic car to drive around the yard. It's a Ford pickup truck, Mattel. He has a radio. His drink cup holder holds an apple juice. My husband gets on the riding lawnmower. He hasn't mowed a lawn since he got to New York. He's amazed at himself, actually.

Beds of Many Flowers
We've had lots and lots of flowers blooming in our garden. The man who owned the house was a hor-ticulturist. He left us nine differ-ent beds of plants and flowers. I have planted lavender myself. I've always wanted to be a gar-dener and never had a place to be a gardener. I'm unlocking a thing that I have always loved. I am very patient about it. And I'm not bad at it. It's going back to how we grew up. I also take care of my large, newly planted organic vegetable garden, which happens to be a lot of work.

Gardener’s Garb
My wardrobe has gone downhill here: jeans with holes in the knees, really casual clothes we can play around in. Even though it's busy, it's peaceful. We don't see other houses around us. We have the sanctuary of the yard and woods, so it's completely relaxing.

We've been going antique shopping around there. We had never gone to a Lowe's or Home Depot or giant Target stores. It's kind of, like, disgusting. We find a huge store and get everything we need. We have a Volkswagen Golf and we joke about how much stuff we can pack in it: wheelbarrow, chair, mops. We take the seat out and rearrange everything again and again. We've also been visiting lots of nurseries looking for interesting plants and flowers.

Time Flies
We forget about lunch until 3 or 3:30 and look in the fridge for whatever: fried-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, pasta from the night before. On Sunday we don't get to stay for dinner. Sometimes we stop for local pizza on the way. We get home at 9 p.m. That's the only bad part, the long drive home.

By Lizette Alvarez